Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life Blood

Last Week

Monday: Family Home Evening
Tuesday: Scouts
Wednesday: Relief Society Book Group
Thursday: Draper Temple Open House
Friday: Stake Blood Drive
Saturday: Ward Dinner Groups
Sunday: Primary presidency meeting, bishopric meeting, sacrament meeting, 2 hours of Primary, seminary registration meeting, Priesthood Preview

This Week

Monday: Family Home Evening
Tuesday: Scouts
Wednesday: Bishopric assignment
Thursday: Ward Council, home teaching
Friday: a break?

Today was my first Sunday sitting on the pew alone as a bishopric widow. All morning while Mark was at his meetings, I rushed around to get to my own meetings and make treats for the Priesthood Preview I'm running later tonight. I got my kids to church and through sacrament meeting, then left them to stage the room for Primary for 55 other children. We've had church responsibilities and activities every day for as long as we can remember.

This church is literally sucking the life blood out of me (see, above, what I did on Friday). And, yes, I'm tired. But I also feel an exhilaration of peace. Mark's dad told us recently that his approach to life is to "avoid obstacles." What a wise philosophy, I thought. But ours is really more to steer right into obstacles. We don't have many problems that we didn't sign up for. I guess I prefer the problems that come from overreaching to those that come otherwise.


  1. Oh I just want to hug you! Be careful to continue to take time for yourselves. And don't let Mark disappear again.

  2. Primary President and Bishopric member=huge time commitment. Just think of the blessings. And we'll just need to think of something good for for your break on Friday!

  3. Well,I guess as long as you know you're overreaching and are OK with it! And Seminary? Ack!

  4. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven...

    I heard that somewhere, hope its true.

    But the household vibe is a good one so it must pay off.

  5. Whoever said that Sundays were supposed to be a day or rest was seriously mistaken.

  6. So what is worse?
    Primary Pres. with husband in bishopric?
    Relief Society Pres. with husband in bishopric?
    OR (sheer terror)
    Relief society Pres. with husband as bishop?
    OR ... I think I'll stop there. No need to scare you any more than that, but you are blessed.

  7. Jenny-- I agree! Someone mentioned "day of rest" in church and I practically snorted.

    Dad-- Stop it! We've been in some desperate wards, but no one is THAT desperate!

  8. I have nothing scheduled tonight and I keep having that feeling like I'm in trouble--I must have forgotten some commitment. But no. I'm where I'm supposed to be, for once.