Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sad but True, or Enough Already!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when Moms complain about their kids being out of school. We should love having them home--isn't that why we had kids? Out-of-school means plenty of time to play with each other, for trips to the library and recreational cookie-making and long kitchen chats. And most of the time I feel that way. But...

Logan and Levi have been out of school for more than 3 weeks and I could really use a bit of solitude. It's a definite disadvantage to be an introverted mother. I'm feeling sort of Professor Quirrel ("I'm never alone!"). They're on year-round school, and this is the break I like least of all. It's the longest and it's in the middle of winter so they can't even go outside. It has been fun to have them around, but when only a few little kids are home, I can arrange little pockets of uninterrupted privacy--I make Haley have quiet time in her room and, with luck, get Jesse to take a nap.

Right now the kids are operating in overlapping waves of demands and chatter. They follow me around, right up to the bathroom door. They hang off my mouse arm. If one of them leaves my side for a moment to go do something of their own, within a few minutes they come right back to tell me everything they did while they were gone! Right now Levi has arrayed six Bionicle creations that he is telling me about in great detail. And he wants my opinions and commentary in return. Like I have an opinion of which guy is the king!

Today is Wednesday, and with luck, next Wednesday there will be 2 hours when there's no one here but me.


Update: I went to book club last night and man did it feel good to get the heck out of here. By the time I got back, Mark had done the dishes and put the kids to bed. This morning I indulged in a naughty off-track trick: After Mark and Roscoe left, I turned on pbskids and went back to bed. Now we're planning an outing to the library. I think we'll make it!


  1. I already commented on this - but apparently it didn't take. Ugh.

    I hate those "overlapping waves" of kids too. Just today I was going back through my mental "Ways to Entertain the Kids" file and remembered Post-Its. You should try it. Hand the next kid who walks up to you a pad of Post-Its and point out a blank wall. It keeps Naomi or Asher busy for at least 20 minutes.

  2. Ooh good post-it trick. I am normally preventing them from doing this so I should embrace it and take advantage...

    I also liked the naughty trick. I use the same one when I am on calls for work.

    I wish I had a tip for you but I don't. Wow I guess I really am taking without receiving in this relationship. Thanks for being such a giver.

  3. I'm sorry ... I broke out laughing. Not because the kids are home but the 'mouse arm' comment. Too funny! It's so true today. What did my right arm used to do, I ask.

  4. i have 4 little ones home all the time and it always amazes me how good even 1/2 hour away is for me (and in return, for them!) I just LOVE them when I come back when I was ready to hurt them before I left. I probably should try to get away from from them a little more often.