Saturday, February 14, 2009

To Button or not to Button?

Yes, Button.

I read the book The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and found it entrancing but confusing and disturbing. So I had mixed feelings about seeing the movie, which has gotten somewhat mixed reviews. Finally Mark and I saw it last night and give it two thumbs up. We were blown away by the physical effects and the acting. Brad Pitt really does look and act and seem in every way like a little boy Brad Pitt in an old man's body. The plot is a bit long and winding, so just sit back and relax. It's sad, in a poignant way, but a very beautiful study of enduring love and how, in life, nothing lasts. It'll leave you thinking, and feeling grateful for your life and loves.


  1. I liked this movie a lot too. Brad Pitt's acting was amazing. It was one of those movies you find yourself thinking about even more the next day. This weekend Matt and I saw the U2 3D concert. You guys should really go see that, if you haven't already. It was great.

  2. Thanks for that. I have been wondering whether to invest the time. Should I skip the book, though?