Thursday, February 5, 2009


As on most weekday mornings, I wake slowly to the sounds of Mark's morning routine. I hear him shaving, I hear Levi talking to him. But I don't open my eyes until I hear Jesse softly calling my name. When I open my eyes, he's standing on the floor next to my bed, and his little face is inches from mine.

Jesse clambers up and takes my warm spot in the bed. A moment later, Levi climbs in on the other side and spoons himself up against me.

Later, when I return to my room after breakfast, Logan is snuggled deep under my covers.

Haley (seeing the toys she left on her bedroom floor yesterday): I forgot to clean up from my private time!

Levi: Mm-hm--that's why I'm disappointed.

I push a grocery cart containing two children and 200 pounds of food while two other children hang off its edges like it's a life boat.

Levi: I'm glad George Lucas made Indiana Jones.... Or else I would be dead.

Levi [holding his thumb and pinkie up to his head like a telephone]: 9-1-1? A girl is making fun of me!

(After Levi did a macho little song and dance of "I'm the awesomest" and I said, "Well, you're the silliest." )

I sneak into Roscoe and Logan's room--where I rarely set foot--and snoop around a bit. I see drawings of strange creatures they have taped onto their walls. I see Roscoe's tidy rows of books. I see that Roscoe has a hard-bound journal--where did he get it?--that he sometimes writes in for days at a time. I see an empty M&Ms package.


  1. I love dem bunz, too! I'm glad to see that your Princess is finally having some influence over someone.

  2. I'm pretty sure my hubs feels the same way as Levi about Indiana Jones.

  3. That's a pretty impressive princess, cowboy, Jedi Knight. BTW What shoes was he wearing?

  4. I always thought it was something special to wake up to find little people in close proximity, especially when they are warm and in the mood for cuddles. It gives one a feeling of peace, love, and harmony.

  5. Dad, you've asked exactly the right question for Jesse (about shoes). But it looks like in this case he was barefoot.

  6. Oh, my, that is one confused little Jesse. Who is he really? Is this where we read the chapter on environmental influence?

  7. I think my favorite part was imaging the life boat/ grocery cart. I went to the store today with Roko and our friend Sam (3) and barely made it out alive. Big props to you and your muscles!