Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Family Home Evening

Last night we had a fun Family Home Evening to celebrate our Valentines. Mark and I invited each kid, one at a time, to come sit on the stool of honor in front of everyone. One of us gave the kid a back rub while the other talked about what we love about that kid. Then Mark and I switched places.

We talked about how we felt when they were born, what we loved about them as a baby, and what we love about them now. It gave us the opportunity to tell each of them that they were meant to be in our family. I think the kids got a glimpse of the depth of our feelings for them.

Levi and Logan ate it up with great gusto. Haley felt a bit nervous. Roscoe refused to let us touch him and acted like the whole thing was exquisitely painful. Jesse refused to be seated at all.

Then we ate Little Debbie heart cakes, which are probably 100% trans fats.


  1. Well what says "Valentine's" more than Trans Fats?

  2. I tailored ours last night toward Scott (using ideas from a great fhe blog) and I had the kids each pick out a stuffed animal, then sat them all down and taught them how to "show love" to the animal by kissing, hugging, stroking it. Scott got right into it, it was so cute. Then we practiced giving kisses, hugging, blowing kisses, shaking hands and talked about when these actions are appropriate. It was quite successful.

    Then Scott took his stuffed animal, gave it a few kisses, then ran to Rob and pointed it at him and made shooting noises. Sigh.

    We also picked out candy hearts (pure colored sugar) and had the kids try to change the love phrase into a workable love action. Like "Be True" turned into "don't cheat on games." It was a fun night. I love V-day!

  3. I am totally going to copy this. What a great idea and thanks for sharing. I need to see a pic of Roscoe enjoying this though.

  4. Ah trans fat, the secret to happiness.

  5. What a nice FHE. We will have to copy you. I'm sure we will get at least one "Roscoe" response.