Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jesse's feverish and spent about half last night lounging in the arm chair in our bedroom blabbing to himself. Quietly at least. I'm not feeling so hot myself. No big potty break-throughs. More work on Logan's rock candy experiment = more sugar syrup glaze all over the kitchen. Between potty training and illness, I have some major cabin fever. A trip to pick up Roscoe's carpool today with a stop for a half-price Sonic drink was a highlight of my day. Pitiful. At least it's lovely and sunny here.


  1. Pull out the Pull-Ups and take a break from potty-training today, Ang. Take them all to that Dinosaur museum or something. Don't give up hope! The outside world is still there and waiting for you!

  2. i hope you get to enjoy the sun! It is not fun to be sick when it's nice outside!