Sunday, March 29, 2009

For Mom, for her birthday

A rare event: Roscoe allows a picture to be taken of him. He's holding a pretty cedar box he made at school.

Haley and Jesse dress up and imagine and play act together.

Mark returns from Logan's first Blazer campout. He's putting away gear in the garage.

Levi and Haley enjoy leftover campout candy.

Ang poses in her sexy new apron after giving Levi and Haley haircuts.

Haley in her new haircut.

Levi in his "office" under my kitchen desk.

How Roscoe normally behaves when I try to photograph him.

Levi dressing up as a Dad during Primary sharing time.

Jesse's birthday wishes:


  1. Love it. Love Jesse's garbage can hat. Love your apron. Love sweet Haley. Love Roscoe's cool teenagerness. Love them all.

  2. This is how Roscoe looks when he is fasting.

  3. Oh so fun! I get an apron (sans the flirty top part) like that from my sister in law who is making me a black and white one. I'm excited! What fun pictures!

  4. Oooh! I love the apron. Did you make it? Hope your b-day was spendid.

    I will be continuing with the yoga, btw. Thanks for the encouragement. They also have a pi-yo class which combines pilates and yoga that is so fabulous, but the teacher is pregnant and imminent. Dangit.

  5. Wow! Jesse is so old now that he can sing a solo. Adorable.

    And nice apron!

  6. Wow really you are beautiful people.

  7. Happy Birthday, beautiful!

    Where can I get an apron like that?

  8. My kids get confused by this too: I'm actually talking about MY mom's birthday.

    The apron was $15 from Target and you can't even see the super cute ruffle on the bottom. I highly recommend it as a way of making dishes SO much more fun.

  9. Hummm imagine that...I have a cedar box that looks just like that one and I love it. Now I just need to get myself the apron.