Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday News Roundup

Out of the closet: I'm doing NaBloPoMo for March. Nancy wrote all about it. But I kept it a secret in case I decided to flake. Which I guess now we know I haven't.

On Monday, 50 people visited my blog and 2 people left me a comment. What gives? Know you not that your comments are precious gems of friendship and hope?

On both Wednesday and Thursday we were all home for dinner and didn't have any scheduled events. (Other than karate.) Man, it's nice.

Mark and I like the new show Lie to Me.

Logan has been sick for 3 days. He loafs around and emits little moans every time I walk by. I love it. (!)

I cleaned the oven. This was a major feat.

I have sharing time on Sunday and I haven't done a thing but ponder while falling to sleep. Which isn't a terrible strategy, just...insufficient.

Our friends are coming over to hang out and spend the night and eat pizza. Yay!


  1. I second your second item there. What's up with that? How hard is it to just leave a "hehehehe" or "I totally agree". I'm not looking for something clever or witty. Just acknowledgment that you were there and read it. ...Don't get me started.

  2. First of all, Steve and I watched the video from SNL and laughed aloud. I watched it twice for good measure.

    Second, I love Tim Roth but haven't seen the show. On your recommend I might check it out.

    Third, we need to consult you for summer plans. We want to do something campy or outdoor adventurey but we are not good at ideas.

  3. FYI, Lie to Me is based on real research on facial expressions. I read about the real guy in, I think, _Blink_ by Malcolm Gladwell.

  4. sorry I don't comment to your blog! I guess I just don't want to sound dumb because you are such a talented writer! Anyway I look at your blog every time you post and I love it that you NabloPoMo! I don't think I could commit to that!

  5. I am so lazy, and I usually read in the google reader. I am jealous of your traffic, though. I rarely break fifty. However, in celebration of Nablopomo I will comment more. Hooray! Comment wealth shall abound!