Thursday, April 2, 2009

Identification please?

Forever this blog has needed a little profile, a little who-am-I-and-what-is-this-about blurb. I love everyone else's but can't come up with my own. I'm sure it's because I am such an esoteric and expansive personality that I can't be encompassed by a caption. (*smirk*) So finally I turn to you for help. What should I say?

  • Prone to overscheduling and mood swings. (This one is stolen from my friend Brenda but I think she'll share.)
  • Utah Mormon Mommy and Primary &%*@#ing President. (This is Mark's suggestion. Uh, thanks, babe.)
  • Feminist Mormon houswife and future author of the Great American Novel.
  • Mother of 5, wife of 1. (Another submission from Mark. He also proffered another suggestion that I won't be able to share in this public forum.)
  • Bibliophilic mother of 5 trading the bloom of youth for a full life. (This one is my favorite so far.)


  1. Wait... I don't have a blurb...I need a blurb? Oh, no! Now I'm having an identity crisis!

    I don't like the Mormon Mommy bit because I don't see you that way (even though you clearly are!) but I think the *$#@ bit is pretty funny and shows you don't take yourself too seriously. I like teh part about writing your novel. I think Mother of 5 is a pretty big identifier of you. ...That last one is pretty good.

    How about "Mother of 5, Primary $@&%# President, aspiring future author of the Great American Novel, blonde smarty-pants." Oh I don't know. This is harder than I'd think it would be. You're right. You need more opinions.

  2. I think Nancy has the right idea. You need to do a combination of the ideas. All of those ideas carry some of your idenity....espically Mark's primary $@&# president.

  3. This is not my special area of expertise, but I do like the last one. And Nancy's.

    Alex says: "You should call it 'PriMothAuth$#@identinist'"

    That's a custom portmanteau word for ya.

  4. I am honored to be quoted! But I don't want to share because you are so unflappable--what mood swings?

  5. Oh, I flap, Brenda. LOTSA flapping goes on over here. Just ask the kids.

  6. I like the last one. Especially "tracing in the bloom of youth" bit. But not the youth part. Sanity maybe. Household orderliness?

  7. How about Super wife, Duper Mom, #@&*.*#@ Primary President, formerly *$#@ Relief *$#@ Society *$#@ President, Bibliotechnically amazing, Would be famous author if the kids would just leave me alone for 5 minutes, Practically perfect in every way (Practically, not actually), liberated feminist (in a very nice way) stay at home.