Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

First, Haley discovered that she could wow adults with her awesome snapping. The girl snaps like a pro, and it became a sure-fire way to get people to stop what they're doing, look at her, and say, "Hey, nice snapping!" You can bet she's used this power on more than one occasion.
Then someone compliemented Haley on a cartwheel. It wasn't much of a cartwheel at the time, but that girl felt the fire of motivation. She carted and wheeled like mad. People were constantly bashing into her as she flung herself across the room.

Now she's a pro cartwheeler, getting those feet high in the air (but still sometimes crashing into passers-by).

Then one day, Haley discovered middle C on the piano and plunked out the first few notes of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." I showed her the song, and for the next 4 days she practiced over and over...and over and over. First she could play only the first phrase, then the first two, and now she's a pro.

Then yesterday, she discovered that you can play the first few bars of "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" on the same notes. So I showed her how it's done and--you guessed it--we're thanking O God all the day long around here.

I'm so proud of Haley for her diligence and follow-through. What an awesome life skill to be able to find a task that's doable but challenging and practice til it's perfect.

Haley just came home with flashcards of three-letter words from preschool. She's supposed to say each sound, counting them on her fingers, and then put all the sounds together into a word. I happen to know that this is a pretty big cognitive leap for little preschoolers. But guess what Haley did? She took those cards up to her room with her during her hour of private time, and already she's a better reader than she was yesterday.


  1. Hooray for Haley. So many talents, what an example of follow through.

  2. That's awesome! Naomi can neither snap or cartwheel - and from what I can tell, does NOT have the same drive as Haley. But she is pretty good with the letters - I think I'll make her some of those flashcards. Wanna send me a list of the words so that I don't have to think my own up?
    They'll be reading to each other this summer!

  3. Way to go Hailey! That is such a great life skill. I wish I had it! :) I am glad you are back to the daily posts. I love a little glimpse into your day.

  4. When Kelly(Larsen-Ashurst) was in Kindergarten, they had an Alphabet Circus. Kelly was "A" for acrobat. All the parents gathered outside to watch. Kelly came running out and through herself across the playground, tumbling and cartwheeling. My heart almost stopped beating. Kelly had never taken gymnastics-I didn't even know she could do a somersault. It's amazing what kids can do (especially before they know about gravity).

  5. That is one awesome kid you got! Stick-to-it-ivness. Wish I had more of that!

  6. Awesome kid! that preschool sounds quite good and Haley sounds pretty diligent!