Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Accomplishments

Okay, okay, I didn't blog yesterday and am now a NaBloPoMo washout. But look at all I did do yesterday:

Mark and I stayed up half the night on Friday and painted the kitchen a lovely, fresh shade of green. (Okay, yes, it was already a lovely shade of green. It's a long story involing evolving design plans, custom paint colors gone awry, varied lighting conditions between kitchen and playroom...and now it's my slightly different lovely shade of green.) My favorite part is the unmarred, glossy white windowsills.
Painting concluded much quicker than expected. (Long story.) So Levi and I made a run to Ikea for this adorable ladybug light. Levi and Jesse both wake with nightmares pretty much every night. We're hoping this will cast a green glow of serenity. We tell Jesse that the ladybug says, "Sweet dreams!"
Also at Ikea, we found this aloe plant, which looks right at home in my fresh new kitchen. Why didn't we already have one of these?

Also I installed these cute little canvases I found on clearance to make Haley's room actually look girlie.

Saturday night concluced, of course, with a nice mopping of the kitchen floor. As always, I forbade the kids from walking across my wet floor, and this is how they entertained themselves.

Watch for:

1. Jesse shouting "Ace of Spades." Yes, not only does he enjoy heavy metal, he actually knows the words.

2. Logan feelin' the fever and ripping his shirt off.

3. Mark catching the fever....

4. ...until off comes his shirt as well. (At this point I have already warned him that, yes, this certainly is blogworthy material.)

5. Logan carefully watching Dad's moves.

6. Logan falling to the floor and doing an Angus Young.

So since we had about the most productive Saturday in the history of suburbia, don't you think I should get a special exemption from blogging for one day?


  1. Love the re-do!
    Love the ladybug!
    Love the aloe plant! (Rob is still annoyed at me that I threw away our other one in the move).
    Love the videos!
    Laughed at the good dad who rocked out with his kids!

  2. Update:

    Love hearing Rob still laughing at Mark's shirtless daddy-ing.

  3. Wow! Your family really does ROCK!

    Your window sills are truly lovely. And I did think of your plans for a uber-productive Saturday when I saw that you didn't blog. I think you can have an exemption as long as you have no more lapses.

  4. Oh, and good luck tomorrow! We're throwing out the paci's first thing in the morning so it's gonna be a fun one for us.

  5. My favorite part is Logan throwing his shirt impromptu! Mark jumping in was unexpectedly hilarious as well.

    I love what you did with the place and look forward to seeing it.

    Oh I also loved that the videos were like .2 seconds long. Usually people post 2 minute videos and post the "highlights" in case you don't have time to watch it but here, how could we not get the highlights? Fantastic.

  6. Wow it was fun to come back for a visit and find so many entries I had missed. You are a blogger! And you for sure get off the hook for not posting Saturday. What fun you have been having. Lovely kitchen too. I'm still not dure I can believe that was our first double date. Surely in the 16 or so years we've been following each other around we've done something with out the kids!

  7. Once again I am truly inspired by your parenting. Nice herbs by the way. They really took off since I was there.

  8. Your family is so cool! I want to visit so bad!

  9. How does Mark work all day behind a desk and keep himself shirtless-able? Amazing.

    My favorite part of the video was hearing your giggling at what your kids were doing. Good on ya.