Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Mark's time away from home working for the bishopric has been, alas, more than I expected. It's 9:30 pm and he's been gone since 10:00 this morning. He says it's a string of bad scheduling luck. We'll see. I'm having dissertation flashbacks.

Mark and I went to the annual meeting of the Association for Mormon Letters, where Mark received an award for the first volume of the Joseph Smith Papers. The Association for Mormon Letters is right up my alley, but I actually dreaded going. I feared that all those bright literati would leave me feeling like a has-been housewife with a dull intellectual life. Actually, Mark and I both enjoyed feeling that we were among kin--fellow believers who wouldn't gasp in shock at some of our more liberal views. And when the keynote speaker, a nationally prominent scholar who happened to be at our luncheon table, made a quip about whose book would be first on Oprah's reading list, Mark informed the table that it would be my forthcoming Great American Novel. Which is probably a lie. But is also about the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

We left the kids home alone while we were gone. Just as we had left them alone the night before for our first-ever date with long-time friends Matt and Lindy. Which gave me opportunity to notice how sometimes our kids are very cooperative team players. We can round them up to announce The Plan, then assign persons A through G to complete tasks 1 through 7, then leave them to play computer, watch movies, and eat hot dogs without us. I think they actually enjoy their freedom when we leave, and they have fun devising turn-taking strategies. As we walked out the door, Roscoe had Levi, Haley, and Jesse lined up on the couch and was saying to someone, "You can't vote for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because you already voted for Scooby-Doo--you only get one vote."


  1. Two nights out in a row! I think that makes the weekend a success. And how great that your confidence in the kids was boosted.

  2. Yeah your kids have always amazed me in that category.

    I look forward to the Great American Novel too as I am all dried up for good reading materials.

    Good thing that dissertation is finished...