Sunday, April 5, 2009


We just had one of our best General Conference weekends ever. The kids--for the most part--sat quietly on the couch listening to conference--for all four sessions. And it's all because of hats.

A family in our ward runs Tiny Tim's Foundation for Kids. They make, gather, and deliver tons of food, blankets, medical equipment, and other supplies to some amazingly impoverished areas in Mexico. They've built schools, hospitals, a physical therapy center, and a senior citizens' center.
Turns out they have a real need for those little hats you make on circular looms, which I decided is the perfect project for our family. Haley and I went to Roberts and bought the supplies. I sat the kids down and told them about the families living in pallet-and-cardboard shacks through cold winters. And about newborns wrapped in newspaper. (Not an exaggeration.)
The kids set a goal to make 50 hats.
So all through conference we knit away. Even Haley and Levi can do it with some supervision, and Roscoe and Logan are whizzes. The kids were driven to keep going and going. In the last 36 hours, we've finished 10 hats and a new hat is in progress on each of our four looms.

We have so much to be grateful for, and I'm so happy we've found a project that the kids can be involved in and that will make a real difference.

So the supplies are cheap, the process is simple, and kids can do it. Anyone want to join in with us?


  1. You win AGAIN Angela for being amazing mom of the universe. Is there a "mom of the year" contest in WJ? I need to enter you.

    I am serious about this, my kids ran in and out of the house during conference and danced inappropriately on a fallen Eucalyptus and here you are with them knitting hats for service.

    You just raise the bar everytime. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Fabulous! We got a little hat from the Mad Hatters of St. George when my first was born and it was such a treasure. It's wonderful that you are doing that for kids who truly need them.

  3. I second Flem's motion. I second the nomination for Angela as Mom of the Universe. You rock. Maybe when I'm there next month you can teach me and I can then come home and teach Naomi and Richard.

  4. that sounds awesome!

    We spent the weekend sick. Still haven't finished watching one of the sessions. We kept falling asleep.

  5. Now you know MY secret for sitting quietly through conference. And church. And waiting for doctors appointments. And pretty much any other time I have a free minute. Satisfying, isn't it!?

  6. Add some books on tape and you'll be in business forever!

  7. Jacob and Miranda got into making those hats for awhile last year. Maybe we should get "into" it again and help you out. Do they just need ones made from the smallest loom?

  8. Oh and yes I agree...Angela needs to be nominated for Mom of the Year

  9. I'm interested! How do I get started?