Monday, April 27, 2009

Jesse's Happy Birthday

I'm now going to geek out for a moment on birthday banality. Yes, it's the boring worst of Mommy blogging, but it's my baby and for a whole day he got just what he wanted in the biggest doses we could manage. We celebrated the joy of Jesse's existence by celebrating the things Jesse loves.
We started with a bath.

Then promptly covered ourselves in cake batter.

Jesse chose hot-bogs for dinner. (No, that's not a typo.)

Jesse fell in love with Mr. Potato Head...

...but only until he unwrapped his airplane, which is now his BFF. (Thank you, Fischer-Price for succeeding, once again, in providing a child with exactly what his heart desires.)

In Toy Story 2, Andy and Woody discuss "Cowboy Camp." You never actually see Cowboy Camp, but apparently Woody is excited about it. So for weeks Jesse has asked me to please take him to Cowboy Camp. And when a cute little redhead in a cowboy hat asks for Cowboy Camp, I say yes! So thanks to the generosity of my cousin Spence, Jesse went to Cowboy Camp.
Here Jesse meets Dutch (we Toy Story fans choose to call her Bullseye).

Jesse sits on a horse for the first time.

Anyone need a close-up of that happy face? Yes, we do. In the next moment, Jesse flapped that hat in the air and shouted, "Ride like the wind, Bullseye!"

Not sure that they actually rode like the wind, but Jesse holds his saddle pretty well, I'd say.

That night, he carefully tucked his airplane under his cowboy covers and dreamed of horses, cupcakes, and hot-bogs.


  1. Awwww. Here's to the banality of children's birthdays! He does look very, very happy. I wish I could have seen him whoop "Ride like the wind, Bullseye!" What a good Mommy you are to find a way for him to go to cowboy camp. I'd like a count of how many times since then he has asked to go back.

  2. This blog post was a truly serendipitous find.

    so sweet. My littlest turns 2 on Friday. this was a lovely post to read for inspiration.

  3. I just LOVE Jesse! If the time ever comes I will still take him off your hands in the blink of an eye!!! The cutest dad-gum cowboy evah!

  4. This is the sweetest post including the best bits of your family:

    -fun age appropriate play

    -great toys that encourage imagination

    -an organized mom to plan all of this

    -an involved dad who is willing to hop on a horse with a toddler

    -a very cute redhead

    -nicely captured photo of child in sweet and innocent position

  5. I love little red headed children. My favorite photo is the one on the top. What perfect cuteness! And thanks so much for reading my book. I hope you liked it. : ) Carolyn (Heart in the Right Place)

  6. So, birthday posts are banal and potty training posts aren't? Well, in any case, happy birthday, Jesse! And does Spencer own horses? I gotta get in touch with that guy.

  7. Great photo journal of a fun birthday to end all birthdays. You are super parental units!

  8. What a birthday! I love the cowboy camp and his timely recital of movie lines!

  9. Sounds like such a great day. And what a CUTIE!!

  10. aw, "cowboy camp" is so cute! good for you giving him a day he'll remember!