Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Potty training is....blek. I spent one entire morning with my eyes fixed on the tip of Jesse's little candy corn penis waiting for drops to emerge. Seriously. An. Entire. Morning. When drops emerged I whisked him to potty and whispered, "Here it comes! Here it comes!" So now Jess can pee on demand, which is a big step in the right direction. Haven't yet mastered the concept of walking to potty when pee is imminent. Many puppy puddles. It's getting me down.

The child laborers at the Qshurst-McGee sweatshop have now produced 20 hats. And the more recent ones are much better workmanship. We forayed to Wal-Mart and each kid got to pick two skeins of yarn. Levi keeps loading looms with the most unlikely color combinations that end up becoming happy hats.

As another spring break project, Roscoe and Logan each chose, planned, and made a family dinner. Oh my do they need practice! Despite my careful oversight, Logan's coffeecake was some sort of unleavened flan and Roscoe dumped about a half cup of olive oil into his frying pan. They both felt that making their simple dinners was a huge labor. So maybe I'll be getting a bit more appreciation around here now.


  1. How wonderful that you're teaching them to cook! Of course they're making mistakes, but give um ten years and they'll be cooking for all the college roomies and impressing the girls!

    As for potty training, all I've got is Mom's reassurance that no child ever went to high school in a diaper. ...Yeah...It was never all that comforting to me either.

  2. Happy Easter!

    Is flan normally leavened? That sounds kind of disgusting.

  3. potty many joys to look forward to. I'm planning on training my child #4 later this year but wondering if it really gets any easier...
    PS: teaching kids to cook - hats off to you! Good to start 'em young, I say. ;)