Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 50+ Hats of the Qshurst-McGees

The kids and I achieved our goal of making 50 hats.

With contributions from neighborhood friends, I think we're about to hit 70.

To celebrate the hat-makers, we hosted a hat party on Saturday night complete with chips and pop. Congratulations, kids, on doing good service and learning a new skill!


In other news, Logan worked, saved, and is now the proud owner of his very own mp3 player.

He and Jesse like to share tunes.


  1. Ah - Jessica told me why you have not been seing gmy comments. I was posting them when I was in Google Reader.
    So - now I know and feel like I need to repeat them all, but won't.
    Your hats are wonderful. Not only will they help others, but your kids will always remember their experience with service.

  2. Excuse me, but lets give credit where credit is due. I told mom why her comments weren't posting!

    And I agree, what a wonderful experience for your kids!

  3. What a great example! I want to do something like that next year. When my kids complain I am going to say "The Qshurst-McGee's made like 50 hats!!"

    Thanks for that line.

  4. That last picture is just the sweetest. I love to see how much your kids love each other. And congrats on the hats. I'm still counting on learning how to do it.