Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday my 10-week-pregnant sister went to an ultrasound and saw…nothing. She has the hormones, the growing uterus, all the other trappings of pregnancy, but no baby. The doctor says there never was one. Her body made some kind of cosmic error. Meanwhile, another sister recently lost a pregnancy. And another one recently announced a long-awaited pregnancy.

All of which reminds me that not only would I do most anything for my children, there were times when I felt I’d do most anything to get them here.
Yesterday afternoon, as Jesse was crawling over my feet, elbowing my ribs, and hampering my every move, I wished for a moment that he were gone. But during those long weeks when the health and safety of little unborn Jesse were uncertain, I felt so fervently that all I really wanted, all I really needed was Jesse’s safe arrival. Forevermore, I thought, any day that contained a healthy Jesse would be a beautiful, miraculous one. And to a large extent, that feeling has stuck. Every day with Jesse is so infinitely better than any day in a world without him.

Here’s to loving the children we have and holding on to awareness of the miracle they are.


  1. I'm with you, Angel. And I might add that it just gets better and better. It might seem like their teen years are going to be the death of you, but they aren't and it ggets better and better. And then there are grandkids! Better and better.

  2. Amen. My cup of cheerios runneth over.

  3. Thanks Angela.

  4. Good reminder. They are pretty amazing even while challenging every policy.

  5. here here! I am so thankful I was able to get all my hatchlings here safe and sound. Now I just hope they all remain that way for a good long time!