Sunday, May 24, 2009


This morning I took my sister Nancy to the airport after a nice, long visit. She was here--sans children!--for an old mission companion's wedding. For four days, we chatted, shopped, watched movies, ate, and chilled. Which was very therapeutic for both of us, I think.

Nancy and I weren't ever all that close when we were growing up. By the time I left for college, she was only 8. But then she grew up, starting having babies right in sync with mine, and now she's one of the best friends I've ever had.

Nancy is my special consultant for any issues relating to child discipline, mood management, fashion, or family relations. Thanks to the miracle of free in-plan cell calls, we can consult even on things like, "What should I put on my netflix queue?" Thanks for a great weekend, Nanc. Come again soon.


  1. That gives me so much hope, my sisters are 11 and 13 years younger, and I'm excited that they are starting to be grownups and will be entering my stage in a few years.

    Mark did amazing, btw. You have an incredible husband.

  2. It WAS a great time, Ang. Thanks for being a great hostess and taking such good care of me. I'm so glad we've grown into friendship.

  3. I'm stuck with the math.
    You to Mark +2
    Mark to Joe +1
    Joe to Nancy +2
    There should only be 5 years between you, and I KNOW you didn't leave for college when you were 13, so how could Nancy have been 8? What am I missing?
    On the other hand, I love that you two are close. I love that all of us are close. It's awesome.

  4. Well me to Mark is +3 and Mark to Joe is +1.5, and I did leave for college when I was 17. Other than that, you'll have to figure out the math. The other thing I remember is that Ruthie started kindergarten the year I started BYU.

  5. Ahh, I love my sisters, too. Don't know where I would be in this big world without them. In fact, I spent 2 days this past weekend chillin' with them and their families.

  6. I'd love to meet her someday--she married into my hometown :0) (Sort of. They don't live there anymore.) I do wear her jewelry and think of you guys! Sisters are a treasure.