Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Thursday Evening

Roscoe gets home from school.

Roscoe leaves for his piano lesson.

Roscoe gets home from piano lesson and immediately plunks down at the piano to practice. His kind teacher has printed off music from The Lord of the Rings for him to try.

Logan and Levi get home from school. After-school snacking commences in earnest: nachos, apples, carrots, milk, graham crackers soon cover the kitchen. Once the nachos are gone, the party moves downstairs to rotate between computer and tramp.

After a nice long chat with my Mom as she drives home from work in Dallas, Texas, I've got dinner warm on the stove. Levi and I take bowls for the car and head to soccer practice.

Mark comes home and feeds dinner to the remaining troops.

Mark takes Logan to karate.

Soccer practice is over. Levi and I do an errand. Levi fantasizes that the woman who last week encountered him in the gas station and thought he was so cute she gave him a dollar (no lie!) will be in this store and find his soccer jersey doubly cute and give him two dollars. Turns out, people in the store do find him cute, but it occurs to no one to pay him for it. There is no charge for his awesomeness...or his attractiveness.

Levi and I pick up Logan from karate. His earbuds are in place by the time he gets in the car.

Jesse and I drive Roscoe to karate.

Mark has cleaned the kitchen and read bedtime stories to Haley. He leaves on church business.

Roscoe's karate class is over, but a kind neighbor has volunteered to bring him home for us. Thank you!

Who knows when Mark will come home.


  1. WOw thats a busy night. I don't know how you keep up so well! Your lucky your family is so good at multi tasking!

  2. Our Thursdays are similar. I rush the kids into bed, all the while thinking of the bowl of cereal I will enjoy in front of the tube. Guilt free, because Mike's at meetings! What a way to spend my free night, eh? As a young person, I never imagined I would look forward to cereal and television, but there it is.

  3. Wow. Intense. Can't wait to see it in action next week.

    *Bonus Points for an excellent Kung Fu Panda reference.*

  4. There's a KFP reference? And I MISSed it?!? How many times do I need to watch it to catch the reference? I've only seen it once, so give me a number for re-watching, please. I feel so out of touch.