Friday, June 26, 2009

7 Quick Takes

~ 1 ~

7 Quick Takes is an idea from Jennifer at Conversion Diary. She'll totally shatter any idea you may have had that Mormons take their religion more seriously than Catholics. She's a great example of seeking to fully live a Christian life. I highly recommend this post on how she transitioned from atheist to Christian, and this one on why she chose Catholicism. (Hint: she has some things in common with Joseph Smith.)

~ 2 ~

The more I've thought about my response to the events in my yard on Wednesday, the more I've felt I have a few things to learn on dealing with crises.

First of all, I underreact. In the moment of crisis, I refuse to freak out, so I end up doing things like chatting charmingly with the woman cleaning a dead body off my lawn, or greeting the kids after school with an inappropriately chripy "Hi! Welcome home!" when they know full well this isn't your average cheery day.

Mark had planned to work late on Wednesday. As events unfolded, he volunteered twice to come home early, and I declined. "There's no real reason," I countered. But of course that was true only if you discounted the emotional black cloud hanging over us. Which I shouldn't have done.

Next time round, I hope I'll find some middle ground between falling apart under pressure and carrying on as if nothing has happened. Because things happen, and I need to engage more to help my children through it.

~ 3 ~

Related to the above, I need to learn to flake. On Wednesday, we went to karate, Enrichment, and a Primary meeting. Again I thought, "There's no real reason to flake." But I should have given myself permission to stay home and nurture my kids with a leisurely dinner and plenty of reading time. Instead I served a rushed dinner, cleared it away within minutes, and made Levi do his reading while we drove to karate. We've got too many people with too many "good" place to be. We can't do it all. I've got to learn to let myself flake on some things so I can do the "needful" ones.

~ 4 ~

Levi now is missing front teeth on the top and bottom. It's adorable, but I don't know how that boy's gonna manage the corn on the cob for dinner tonight.

~ 5 ~

Today I decided to try and use Roscoe's own language to explain why he needs to stay out of my way in the kitchen. The kitchen is like an atom, I said, and I'm the electron spinning inside it. Even though at any given moment I'm only in one place, I spin from sink to pantry to stove to counter--so that in effect I take up the entire space.

So apparenlty he had a unit in Chemistry this year and countered that he was a hydrogen atom and I was oxyen and that we were bonded and so he was going to spin around me forever. Which was not helpful. And is only a slight exaggeration from what he's been doing all week anyway.

I ended up slapping him in the face with a 24-pack of tortillas.

~ 6 ~

This has been a rough week. Valery has been sick and screams literally every time I set her down. Mark worked late twice and spent two nights at church--do that math! Logan went to 5 karate classes to prepare for a belt advancement tonight. I did two huge resume orders. And, yes, I did seek help but failed to find anyone to take the little kids for a few hours or do some housecleaning. See above re my need to do some strategic flaking.

~ 7 ~

In less than a month we're leaving for a long vacation to Washington, DC. We're driving, three days there, three back. In a little van that leaves the big boys squished like sardines. We're going to see all the sites, visit my parents and some of my siblings, and attend a family reunion.

Yesterday I ordered both National Treasure movies and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington so we can start getting the kids excited about what they'll see. Both Mark and I did big forays to the East with our families, and we're very excited to be doing it with ours.


  1. How exactly are you guys all going to fit in the van?

  2. Levi IS adorable

    I think your explanation to Roscoe is genius - and so was your response to his response.

    Can't wait to see you guys!

    I've still been pondering on your last random-stuff post how you talked about Logan setting up a sting to retrieve Levi's stolen bike. I think THAT is a perfect example of why kids in bigger families still get plenty of lovin'. It just really struck me as true brotherly love. I have spent many moments pondering it and anxiously awaiting those types of events in my own family. I can just imagine how loved Levi felt (even if he can't admit it) and how great Logan felt for being the hero of the moment. ... I really could ramble on and on about how great I think it is.

  3. I think I underreact's good to know there are others who share this quirk with me. I think it's kind of a need within myself to keep the world around me calm and safe. But when a child is hurt or sick? Sometimes everything is not fine, and I need to give up the ghost of nonchalance. If it's even possible!

    LOVE your explanation of the kitchen sciences! So funny! At least it wasn't a jar of salsa that hit him...

  4. Learning to flake on things, I totally get that, as in, I need to learn to do that, too. Hope the sun shines brighter in your part of the world soon.

  5. My children are not allowed to grow up so they will not start using my own analogys on me. Love the chemistry exchange.