Monday, June 15, 2009

Library Day

One of my favorite things to do with the kids is take them to the library. Actually, I suppose I don't so much love taking them to the library--why oh why don't they have those self-checkout machines right there in the kids' section so you don't have to schlep a passel of little ones through the adult line?

But I love the treasures we find, and I love bringing them all home. It feels like Christmas and everyone retreats to cozy nooks to enjoy what they've found.

Today Haley and I located the next installments of the little easy-reader series she's doing.
And we found an ingenious series with a long page of narration for the adult to read and a facing page of a few simple words for the child to read. Brilliant idea! (Not sure why blogger keeps flipping this photo either one way or the other.)

I always want to find something for myself, but can steal only a few moments in the adult section before there's a ruckus. So I do sort of a judge-a-book-by-its-cover smash-and-grab and I've actually discovered some real gems this way.

I trawl around the comics and fantasy sections in search of new treasures for the big kids. Today we brought home an optical illusions-themed I Spy book which caused Roscoe to spend about 20 minutes yelling, "Whoa! WHOA! That's making my eyes hurt!"


  1. Going to the library is one of those things that I've never dared do with all my little ones (so way to go you if you did it with all yours today!). But I should do it this Summer with my helper!

  2. We love our weekly trips to the library too...and the quite afternoon that always comes with them.

  3. Oh how we miss the splendors of a good library!

  4. Publishers spend a lot of money on book covers so that when you see one you'll want to pick it up. I always recommended this method when I worked at the book store. I've found a lot of goodies that way, too! The Stone Diaries was one.

  5. I love the library too! Ours has lots of toys near the board books (like puzzles and a train table) and my son just plays while I find him a book or two.

    For myself, I request a hold for the book I want and then pick it up at checkout when they pull it off the shelf for me. It's easier than trying to keep my baby calm!