Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Mallory

Mallory is an adorable little monchichi with three-mile-long eyelashes. She is nervous and a bit stiff and her smiles can be hard to come by, but she has definitely decided that I'm the mom around here, which is a good thing. She will not let me leave her line of sight without a fuss, which I have to remind myself is also a good thing.

Her first smile ever went to Levi. Her most frequent smiles go to Roscoe, who she has also bonded with. She doesn't know that Roscoe was her most vocal opponent and for months has been telling anyone who will listen that his mother is driving our family to ruin with her unholy and irrational insistence on ever more babies. Now Roscoe battles for the seat next to Mallory in the car, carries her around cooing, and clearly ranks as Mom #2 in her eyes.

She's eating and sleeping well. I plug in my laptop and sit in the rocker next to her bed until she falls asleep.

Even Jesse loves Mallory. I can't believe that my certified mama's boy / baby / king of the roost isn't jealous of the new arrival who's being made such a fuss over. Knock on wood. Mark and I are both concentrating on giving all the kids plenty of attention and snuggles so no one feels that Mallory has co-opted their piece of the pie. Our goal is for everyone to feel that this family has plenty of pie for all. But Mark and I, the pie-givers, are ending each day in an exhausted heap.

* Fam and friends, See more pictures of Mallory (and learn her real name!) on Haley's blog:


  1. Those ARE some seriously long eyelashes!

    Welcome, Mallory. Nice to meet you.

  2. What an adventure. Sounds like it's just what Roscoe needed. My fourteen year old is just the same.

  3. How exciting for you guys. We can't wait to meet her.