Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spring Activities

Finished middle school on Friday and is now technically a high schooler. I'm so relieved that he made it through what I see as the most challenging and unpleasant chapter of life with an amazing degree of grace, pleasantness, and righteousness. Not only that, he has good grades.

On Saturday he performed in the annual piano recital his teacher holds for her students. Even though he had been up late the night before at a Scout campout, he played those songs better than I've ever heard him do before.
He was so pleased with himself that he actually cooperated for this picture. (Stay tuned for pictures of his summer haircut.)
Has big plans. He's on Safety Patrol at school, meaning he arrives early and stays late to man crosswalks and guard the bike corral. In fact, last week he and the principal conducted a sting wherein they retrieved a bike some kids had stolen from Levi the week before.

He placed 5th in his division at the school's annual Fun Run. He's got the new Percy Jackson book on his mp3 player. He and his buddy have started a lawn care business (no clients yet). As a Blazer Scout he has joined the ranks of young men who play basketball instead of doing planned activities and his dad reports that he's the best player the Blazers have got. And later this month he'll promote to a brown-orange belt in karate, which is up there.
Is loving his spring soccer team. He's so zippy and enthusiastic he's a joy to watch. (Also it's kind of heavenly to just drive away from your chores and lounge under Utah's sunny blue skies for an hour every Saturday.)
This week he will also be awarded "Wolf of the Quarter" at school for "Overall Excellence," which makes me happy because I know Levi tries hard to be overally excellent. Haley
Will go to her last day of preschool tomorrow. These are pictures of Haley as the Giant's Wife in their production of Jack and the Beanstalk. I am so excited to report that Haley is a great little reader. She will gain so much confidence in kindergarten and be able to absorb so many other things because she's ahead of the game on this.

As always, is the most inspiring and enthusiastic cheering section for all his siblings.

He and Haley have been great little buddies as the two little kids at home this year.


  1. What sweet updates on all of them. I'm so glad you got Levi's bike back - go Logan! And while Roscoe looks so fabulously "cool" with his long hair, I can't wait to see his eyes.

  2. Love hearing what everybody is up to! The other day Gillian asked when we were going to see her cousin Haley (a couple of weeks). So there you go.

  3. What fun going ons...I'm not ready to call Mirnada a high schooler yet. Your kids are amazing.

  4. what good, happy kids! Enjoy the summer!