Thursday, June 4, 2009

Superstitious much?

So from the time I called and put our name back on the foster parent list until we got the call for a potential new daughter was 5 weeks. Then we waited 2 weeks for the court to conclude this girl didn't need foster care after all. That added up to 7 weeks.

Then, 7 weeks after that, I missed a call.

And 7 weeks after that is today.

A series of three 7s? Feels momentous to me. Where's Robert Langdon when you need him? You better believe I'm gonna be on that phone when (if?) it rings.

4:00 update:
Oh my inner goddess, I'm gonna convert to Wicca or scientology or numerology or something! I was not wrong! Just got a call regarding a one-year-old hispanic girl! More later.


  1. WHAT??!! That is so cool!

    Robert Langdon! Hee-hee. Maybe they'll make your life into a best-selling novel and blockbuster film!

  2. You want to disbelieve in numerology, but then you run into these amazing coincidences.