Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Rules

The other night for Family Home Evening, the kids and I brainstormed our family rules, as they are and as the kids feel they should be. Interestingly, those least likely to comply with rules were most vocal. My favorite moment was when Logan commented, "Everyone likes to do it, but everyone hates it when it happens to them." I think they were talking about silly noise-making.

Other notable rules the kids came up with:
  • Don’t give Mallory besos unless she wants them.

  • Throw up in the toilet, not in your bed.

  • No lame excuses.

  • Don’t be piggy.

  • Wash your hands.

  • Use soap.

  • Don’t poop on the arm of the chair.

  • Always flush.

  • Don’t pee on the rim.

  • Lift the seat before peeing. (Apparently the kids and I share an intensity of feeling on this issue.)

  • Don’t get grounded.

  • Don’t ruin stuff.

  • No slapping.

  • Don’t be lame.

Today Logan's Mission Possible (a la his list) is to put the rules into categories so we can boil them down into five or so family standards.


  1. If they make the rules up, they theoretically won't brake them, right?

  2. Love the smattering of pics. My favorite rules are "dont be piggy" and "dont be lame". I can hear echoes of "It's a resonable request" in my head from my own childhood.

  3. Hahaha. These are delightful.

    My friend said they just have one rule now: "Don't cause a problem for anyone else."

  4. Roscoe looks like Harry Potter swinging that bat.

  5. Those are the best rules ever! I love how so many of them refer to how and where to defecate!

  6. Oh, and I think Roscoe has always looked like Harry Potter. Does he get that all the time?