Friday, July 24, 2009

Thank you, Hermes

We got up at 5:00, drove for 13 hours with 5 kids, and it turned out to be an almost perfect day. We're on our way to my sister's house in Virginia for what we're thinking of the Qshurst-McGee Pilgrimage to Washington, DC. We're going to do two(ish) family reunions, play in the Atlantic Ocean, and see all manner of exhibits, monuments, and national treasures.

Today we drove through Wyoming and Nebraska, with miles and miles of rolling green hills, pastures, and farms. The kids were mostly cooperative, though at one point in the afternoon Jesse decided he had had enough and began shouting, "I want to go home!" Roscoe felt I should administer some form of discipline--but, really, what can be done when he's already strapped down?

We finally drove into Grand Island, Nebraska, to check into our motel and locate a Chinese take-out place where we could perhaps get some actual vegetables. We were tired, sticky, and bordering on grumpy. Things could have gone downhill fast. But the Gods of Roadtrippers were with us. We found a little drainage canal, where the kids played happily while I procured the take-out. Then we drove to a county park--the Mormon Island State Recreation Park, to be exact--where we found a picnic table in a little glade full of fireflies. Which are an exotic treat for us Westerners. Then the big midwest sky gave us an amazing lightning show. It couldn't have been perfecter.

We only have to drive 10 hours tomorrow, and then my aunt in Chicago promises us dinner, beds, and a swimming pool.

Mallory update:
She's not here. Because she has a court appearance while we're gone, they wouldn't let us take her with us. So yesterday I dropped her off at another foster home for "respite care" until we return. I hated it. My job is to be consistent, reliable, and present for her until the day I return her to her parents. Now I am another link in the lengthening chain of disuptions and disappointments in her life. Yeah, yeah, it's not my fault. But still.


  1. hang in there, you will make it here.

  2. You can do it! Keep it up! You'll be here soon and it will be so wonderful!!!

  3. We're still waiting for Jesse's phone call

  4. I'm glad to hear you made it that far! We will be missing you in church tomorrow. Wish us luck! Lori Davis is out of town so no junior sharing time. :( I will figure something out. Have a great time!! Keep us updated!

  5. Yeah! I'm so glad the drive went well. Hopefully the next few days went well too. You guys will have such a grand adventure.

  6. I stayed at Mormon Island State Park with my family when I was 6 years old. It was my family's pilgrimage to DC as well. You'll be talking about this trip for years to come. Enjoy it...all of it.

    - Mike Andrus

  7. Aren't 14 year olds infinitely helpful with suggestions on punishment? I'm never hard enough on the other kids for Berkeley's taste.

    I'm so impressed you are making this grand journey!