Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tidbits from last week while I was in a blur of flu, friends, and single parenthood

On Being an Introvert Parent

It's not ideal. The way I've heard it described is that introverts, though they love and enjoy people, find interactions draining and need to refuel with solitude. While extroverts refuel through interaction. I'm definitely an introvert. And the constant barrage of my kids opinions, comments, and critiques--even minus arguing, etc.--is definitely draining to me. Last week while Mark was out of town I realized that one of the biggest services he does me when he comes home from work is to de-throne me as Preferred Audience #1. When he's home, the kids want to tell him everything that's on their minds. And I can do things like walk down to the laundry room without three people screaming, "MOOOM!" Or walk out of the bathroom without confronting a crowd gathered outside the door.

On Harry Potter

Yes, Roscoe and I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the first day. I liked it. But it failed to really capture the beautiful message of the movie, which is the importance of love, and that you can choose love no matter the circumstances--even if, say, someone is standing on a rooftop trying to kill you. Dumbledore's cryptic words to Malfoy on the roof are totally slaughtered in the movie, and you don't see clearly how, to Dumbledore, saving a soul is worth sacrificing it all. And this turns out to be not only the main theme of the next book and in fact the whole series, it's the thing that in the end allows Harry to prevail over Voldemort.

Green Smoothies.

I adore them. Fill your blender 2/3 with raw spinach. Stems included. Add fresh or frozen fruit. Any kind. Add some flax seed. Some water. Blend. Looks awful. Tastes lovely. Makes you positively buzz with happy healthiness.


  1. On Being an Introvert Parent: I can totally relate. The days Richard works from home are harder for me because I never get any alone time even though they're easier because he can help out a little.

    On Harry Potter: yes! That's exactly what I was trying to explain to Richrd (who hasn't read the books) about why the ending just fell a little short and didn't feel the same - but I just wasn't finding the right words.

    On Green Smoothies: Wow! I had no idea thats what these "green smoothies" you've been talking about were! I'll buy some Spinach for you for Sunday night use when you arrive because I'm always jonesing for something healthy after eating crap on a car trip.

  2. Frozen blueberries are a must for these smoothies. Then you get all the important stuff for the day in. yummmm I think I will go make mine now!

  3. Parent: Word

    HP: I cried more over Cedric Diggory than Dumbledore in the movie versions. To me that says something is just done wrong.

    GS: I have heard an over-ripe frozen banana is also fabulous in those, though I have yet to try a second attempt after my first one was a little dusty tasting. Costco spinach next time.

  4. I am definitely an introvert. Exhausting. I don't know how you cope with a house of so many kids.