Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dawn of Love: A Short Assignment

I grabbed a book off the new arrivals shelf as I whizzed through the library, saw the phrase "For the past three years the widower Mr. Malik has been in love with Rose Mbikwa," and thought, "Falling in love. How wonderful!" So I started this short assignment on a stack of sticky notes as I went through the Taco Bell drive-through. Not at all sure why my mind settled on adolescent love. Don't read anything regarding any member of my family into this.

Just two minutes ago, right here in the Nickel-O-Rama arcade, Tyler Reedy had realized the truth: He had been in love with Kristin McCoomb his entire life.

He was standing behind her waiting for his turn at Alien Avenger II: Rise of the Xyrotex. First, he noticed the tip of her ear peeking from under the curtain of her hair. Then he watched her sweep the hair behind that ear, quick as lightning, between rounds of Gamma-Blastors.

In that moment it dawned upon him, in a flash of pink and green alien guts, what Ms. Bernardi the school counselor meant with all that "long-term goals" and "see the end from the beginning" stuff.

He had never noticed it, but it had been growing all those years nonetheless. Like the mutating glob in Goretastic III: Gelatinous to the Core. All through their preschool play dates, through walking side by side down the block to the kindergarten bus, through building a fort out of soggy cardboard boxes the summer after fourth grade, even through the last few years of awkwardly averted gazes whenever their paths crossed.

This, he now knew, was love. And it would be the purpose, meaning, and ultimate goal of the rest of his life.


  1. Very fun. Love the alien gut references.

  2. How do you do that? Make words form images and articulate emotions... it's amazing!

  3. I LOVE this post. So well done. Fabulous. An inspiration to all of my personalities.

  4. It was fun to look over your short assignment. A little window into your soul. Though we're not supposed to read anything into it, how are you going to deal with your sons' girlfriends?

  5. I can totally see this as a movie! Kinda reminds me of the very end of the movie "Bridge Jone's Diary". The part where she and Colin Firth are depicted as little kids at a birthday party. Lot's of fun.