Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Roundup

Logan and Levi's first week of school: Fantasitc. One upside to year-round school is that starting a new year is totally nonchalant. Both boys seem to have great teachers. Yay!

Our grand morning schedule involving scripture study at 6:30: Not so great. But that'll change (or else) next week when Roscoe starts early-morning seminary and therefore the rest of us start early-morning life.

My bold new plan involving weekly task lists, clipboards, parental signatures, and money: Currently in stage 3. Stay tuned for full details and pics of our array of clipboards.

Most exciting development of the week: Sometimes when I yell, "Somebody go check on Jesse!" they return to report something like, "Oh, he's just playing in his room/hanging out in the backyard/reading a book." As opposed to something like, "He's pouring milk on the floor/jumping off your dresser/pooping in the laundry basket!" (There are reasons I cling with {unfounded?} hope to these shreds of progress.)

My hot date for tonight: Buying 600 hot dogs and buns for tomorrow's "Stake Extravaganza." Oh the joys of being married to the bishopric.


  1. Oh, such tidbits! I want the full story on each of those items! I guess we need to talk on the phone more often (wink wink).
    I'm glad Jesse is making progress. Good job seeing the positive in him.
    And, hey, don't knock the date. A date is a date. Strolling though Costco with your man and no children seems just fine for a date. Richard and I plan to do the same thing in Target.

  2. Good News, the year Jacob did that early morning seminary was one of our best years for family scriptures...we are hoping for a repeat. So, we know Roscoe and Miranda will have at least one class together:)
    Glad every thing else went well with the week. What cute kids you have..espically the red head.

  3. Nothing like buying tube steaks for a hot date. :)