Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good-bye Mallory

Mallory’s gone. Her caseworker came by today and picked up the last of her stuff.

When I dropped her off at the respite home before our trip, I had the feeling that we’d never see her again. Sure enough, while we were gone the judge took the unusual step of sending her home before her parents had even been officially “assessed.” There are a number of safety measures in place: everyone in the household passed a background check, her caseworker stops by unannounced every day or two, she goes to the doctor for an evaluation once a month, the family must inform the caseworker of everyone’s work schedules and notify him of any changes (so if something happens they’ll know who was around the house at the time).

I think it’ll be fine. I think she’ll be safe. If a problem arose, they’d call us and send her back here, but I don’t believe that will happen.
We feel a little sad and empty. Haley’s alone in “the girls’ room” again. The crib and highchair are empty. Someone is missing. The kids are sad. They keep asking, “Will we ever see her again?” But the answer most likely is no.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry about your hole in your home. I hope it fills quickly. She was such a sweet beauty and hopefully those around her recognize and treat her as such.

  2. You're teaching your kids to love and to accept loss with grace. Good job. But I know it must be so so hard. I second EmWJ's wish that the "hole" fills quickly.

  3. good luck to her and her parents! I am sure all of you are blessed for knowing her even though you are missing her now

  4. What!!! This is so sad, I am so sorry. Surely there is a reason--

    Perhaps her parents are ready to take her back now that they were without her and you helped her get a great start in life in that house full of loving kids and your organized ways.

  5. Definitely bittersweet. She is lucky to have had your support during that difficult time.