Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Second First Day of School

Little Miss Haley's first day of kindergarten.
I've never had a child better prepared academically...but I did worry about sending her impressionable little soul into the big wide world. I know she was worried too because she wore this trademark stony face.
But of course, she rose to the challenge, as I'm learning this girl nearly always does. She came out happy and chipper, and when I asked her what was hard about the day, she said, "Nothing!"
Haley's first day of school was also Roscoe's last day of summer, so he organized an afternoon trip to the movies. How many kindergarteners get to go out on the town with a fourteen-year-old after school?

Just the lucky ones.


  1. I love that last photo, priceless!

  2. That photo is frameable. I love the way she is looking at him, like "what a cool bro!"

  3. ...and just look at Jesse - you can almost hear him saying, "Me, too. Why am I not inside there?".

  4. Too cute! What a great girl Haley is. She looks super spiffy and happy.

  5. Haley is so beautiful. Such a lucky girl too!

  6. Oh, how special! I like the comments the others assign to Haley and Jesse.