Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Third First Day of School

To the waitress who called me darlin twice, honey three times, and ma'am only once: My son started high school today.

He did not, however, pose for cute pictures.

Roscoe has made a goal to get in to BYU. Which apparently is quite a feat than these days. So as of today, every class, assignment, and point counts.

The good news is that he can now use all his uber-responsible, oldest-child OCD on something other than critiquing his mother. :)


  1. Yay future zoobie! I am the lone zoobie amongst my in-laws, so I feel I must encourage when I can.

  2. I have always thought that kid was amazing. Glad to hear that he wants to follow in his parents footsteps, even if he is offering critique on the way.

  3. Look at that big manly hand!

    So you meal all alone went well? Did you feel weird?

  4. I still think he should have kept his hair long. *shrug*

  5. So now they are all off. What fun! We were jsut checking stats for getting into BYU--Craziness! I am glad I got in when I did. Good Luck to Roscoe:)

  6. wow, good for him to take things seriously! But it sounds like he didn't need any encouragement.

    Congrats on having a high schooler!