Friday, August 28, 2009


Now that most kids are in school at least some of the time, I've been working to get caught up on all sorts of things that fell by the wayside during our busy, busy summer. I spent one whole day doing dozens of little computer/phone/budget tasks that had been awaiting me. I've been making granola, airing linens in the sunshine, driving carpools, van shopping, signing kids up for sports. It appears that more I tick off my list, the more items appear on it, like spring branches.

I need to can tomato sauce (my tomato garden is going crazy) and schedule the venue for next summer's McGee reunion (I told myself that once this summer's vacation was over, I'd get right on the next one). Also I've been hatching some plans involving a more codified menu rotation and the need to clean and reorganize every blessed cupboard and closet in this place.

So clearly trying to be productive isn't helping, and perhaps I oughts just quit. But you should see this nice, fresh bed I'm sitting on.


  1. Mmmmm! Sun-kissed linens does sound lovely!

  2. I am jealous of the tomatoes.

  3. My list grows like that's not fair...but it does feel good when you get to cross things off that list:)

  4. Didn't you just plan a McGee reunion last Christmas? Did such a good job it seems.