Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, that is a REAL giant squid

First we were in an Internet-free cabin on the Potomac River. Now we're in a swirl of Benac reunioning and touring WA DC sites and Smithsonian museums til midnight or 1:00, then dragging out of bed early the next morning for more, more, MORE!

The kids are loving everything they see and being great sports about being tourists. I love that we're battling the ennui of hyperrealism in the modern age by showing our kids the real, foundational, actual Washington Monument, ruby slippers, Abraham Lincoln top hat, etc.

Pictures and detail to come!


  1. Soak it up, enjoy your trip!

    Glad your kids are enjoying being tourists, too. I missed out on too many trips as a kid because I was too cool {a teenager at the time} to go. Now, I still haven't been to some of those places the rest of my family visited when I was sitting home being too cool {notably Yellowstone national park)!