Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Fourth (and last!) First Day of School

This morning, with some trepidation, I sent Jesse off to his first day of preschool. The boy who's been watching other kids truck to preschool since he was born finally got his day.

I succeeded in getting him dressed, pottied, and coiffed with no tantrums. Then I took him out onto the front porch to pose for some cute first-day-of-school photos. "Stand on the mat, look at Mom, and say 'Happy preschool!'" I instructed.

Never happened. "Maybe he's still just too much of a baby for preschool," I thought.

My thought bubble hadn't yet popped when he grabbed a helmet and scooter out of the garage and took off with the big kids.

Seriously, he was down the block and around the corner at the neighbors' before I caught up with him. And man was he disgruntled when I informed him that, no, he wasn't riding to school with The Group.
Sheesh! I'm aiming for something between baby and big-kid here.
Maybe acting like a three-year-old?


  1. Jesse certainly marches to the beat of his own drum.

  2. What a cutie. Naomi wanted to know if Jesse is big enough to ride his scooter alone. I told her "no" and she said "cuz he's too cute to ride alone?" ... something like that!

  3. I love Jesse! and those great Jesse stories...what happiness he brings:)