Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The Good News

After slaving for the last two weeks--at some points literally around the clock--Mark finished a big project at work and has received big kudos both for its scholarly excellence and his mad work ethic. Which means he's been coming home in the evening.

Last night our family agenda included an IEP meeting, soccer practice, Boy Scout Court of Honor, and karate. Which on my own would have been a grit-your-teeth marathon. Instead we had a nice family dinner. Some people went here, some went there, we all met up in the middle, then divided again. Mark and I got the little kids to bed and cleaned the kitchen together and even made some progress on re-organizing ward callings and watched a few minutes of Jay before getting to bed on time. It was bliss. Seriously, folks, I'm not asking for a lot here. Just a two-parent family.

The Bad News

Oh my little Jesse. Heaven knows I love him. His two-year stint as a capricious but good-natured hooligan has now transitioned into a career as a determined, unshakable rebel. He is stridently refusing to do anything that appears to be what he has been asked to do. And he is so sad about it all. Oh, the tears! The fits! The angry destruction of property! He's having some kind of mid-life crisis. Like he's suddenly realized that there's going to be a level of responsiblity and accountability in this life and he doesn't like that idea at all.

Anyway, we're just holding the course. Consequences--good and bad--established and enforced. Patiently. Repeatedly. Increases of love given at every lull. I'm hoping this is a phase that will precede a big leap in maturity and cooperation. Okay?


  1. I have one boy. Not even two yet. I have decided that I am having all girls after this.

  2. Good: you had such a nice night.
    Bad: we missed you at the JSPP party!

  3. Sometimes hearing about your schedule make me want to take a nap right then and there.

    Maybe in a couple of months you'll look back and think "Holy cow am I glad he got over THAT!" ... Or maybe you'll be in a mental institution... (jk :)

  4. maybe he'll get all of the rebelliousness out, before he's 11??

  5. Oh Angela! I am so happy for your good news because I am with you about the single mom is for the birds! And sweet Jesse. I know I tell you this all the time, but your writing...incredible. I couldn't help but giggle through that post.

  6. yeay on having your husband home at nights! That helps so much, especially after such looooong days with so many little ones!