Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"It's like this Kabbalah crap doesn't even work!"

In one of our favorite moments in the Ocean 11/12/13 movies, the spoiled and clueless movie star bemoans his dysfunctional love life and trashed hotel room. In a tantrum, he throws his beads to the floor: "It's like this Kabbalah crap doesn't even work!"

Well, I haven't tried Kabblah, but sometimes I feel like that.
In other, brighter news: I've been thinking about our sincere friend Tyler Reedy and hatching some plans for him. I love writing moments, paragraphs, short assignments--but I've never put together a beginning, middle, and end to make a real story.

I think Tyler will experiment with some grand gestures to show his love for Kristin McCoomb but will end up finding a moment to do something nondescript, something perhaps that puts him in an awkward position, in order to help her in a moment of need.

What do you think Tyler will do?


  1. Oh yes! A grand gesture is just what he needs! I think perhaps he should devote much time to learning the art of video game creating, only to have his first game (an overnight success) be all about a female alien with a curtain of black hair that looks remarkably like her. At which point she will realize her love for him in return.

  2. The first grand gesture must flop, right? Like sticking up for her in an embarrassing situation, but making it worse in the process.

    I'm so proud of you! Let me know when you want a second pair of eyes.