Friday, September 4, 2009


Remember last fall's new programs? And then and our summer lists? Well, our summer lists were a big hit. Creating the lists each week required me to sit down on Sunday night and think through our week. That way, I could add things like "Be ready for karate at 5:50" for Logan on Wednesday and "Meet with the bishop after Scouts" for Roscoe on Tuesday. I gave each child "Help Mom" minutes every day, and then tried to use that time to work with them for a teaching/bonding moment. It definitely gave us some structure and made the kids more independent contributors to the household.
Well, they were such a success, we decided to up the ante. I considered magnet boards and pin boards, but finally settled on clipboards and hooks.
Now the deal is that you must bring your clipboard to Mom or Dad each night to review your work. If you've completed everything in an acceptable manner, you get a signature. If at the end of the week you have six or more signatures, you get a bonus on your allowance.
(We've always done chore charts to tidy things up each evening. The lists now replace the chore charts with the bonus that unless you have something like "set table" or "dinner dishes" you can finish all your jobs first thing in the morning if you want.)
The idea is that we check in with the kids each night to coach and assess, but we do not nag or remind during the day. Their responsibilities are spelled out clearly. They choose if they'll comply and earn the positive consequences.


  1. Genius, as usual. But how do you do Jesse's - the non-reader?
    I am considering a magnet board for us.

  2. I am notorious for launching new "programs" and then failing to follow through after about 3 days. Sigh.

  3. you are so well organized! I'm always impressed.

  4. OK, I took the plunge. I totally copied your idea, and gave the boys their lists for FHE today, after we all visited your blog to see your explanation. Their only beef: we want clipboards!