Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I did while in New York

Yep, I do. I loved the grimy sidewalks and curry-musk smell and bathroom tile subways and polyglottal throngs. I especially love my long-striding cousin and guide Mary...

...and the fact that Kate and Alberto had moved to town just in time to party with us.Why did no one ever take a picture of Annie, Kah-Leong, or Ram?

I did some obligatory tourist stops, like Times Square...
...the Empire State Building...

...and the LDS temple.

But my favorites were when we ventured a bit off the beaten track. We heard Billy Collins, the former Poet Laureate. We saw The Liar Show in a dark basement. I ate the stomach of an unidentified animal at dim sum in Chinatown.

Maybe my favorite thing was the Visible Storage area at the Met. Rows upon rows of museum storage, much of it unlabelled, in an intriguing jumble.

The cases of sculptures looked like a party gone wrong--everyone huddled together but no one making eye contact.
This one stood out from the other serene faces.
The disdain! The disbelief!
We typed the item number into a computer and found that's it's Cain at the moment of his discovery and punishment. I've seen that expression before!
On Saturday we listened to Natalie Merchant in the park. She's a kook who kept getting distracted by passing cruiseliners and birds and critiquing her band. I couldn't help but think of Mark during her last song:


  1. it was so great to see you in NY. What a wonderful time we had.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! You look totally hip and New York-y in all the pics. Your hair is getting so long! I'm so glad you had a great, memorable time.

  3. We were abysmal at taking photos. But I do have one more pic on film that will cover annie and KL. I'll send it along when I get that role back~

    I can't believe everyone ate that stomach!

  4. Looks like you had a great time and I assume your ruffians surrived your absence.

  5. how fun! Sounds like a wonderful, needed break.

    I haven't been to NY since I was a teen, but my husband loves working there!