Monday, October 19, 2009

Ancestral Homeland

This weekend we drove to Mark's ancestral homeland.
First, we went to The Ranch, where Mark's ninety-five-year-old Grandma still has a couple dozen cattle and where a huge, delightful pack of cousins, second cousins, aunts, and uncles has set up their own little village. Dirt roads connect five different households, and we walked along visiting one after another. The boys went down to the ranch proper to fix fence--a real cowboy moment!--and then Uncle Dwight let them loose with his four wheeler, Jeep, and motorbike.

Uncle Dwight shows Logan the ropes; in the background you can see some of the decades of detritus of the ranch.

Haley on the zip line.
Grandma Ruthie lights candles for Grandpa McGee's 69th birthday.

Mother and Son.

Then we drove up the mountain to The Cabin, an old WPA project that Mark's family loves like it's Shangra-La. We canoed, threw rocks into the lake, sipped hot chocolate, and told stories under our sleeping bags.

Grandpa teaches the boys poker.

In the morning, we had our own little sacrament meeting on the deck with Mark's parents. My favorite moment: When Logan volunteered to share his testimony and said, "I really love you guys."

Nothing like some clean desert air and cool mountain breezes to blow the baloney right outta a city kid.


  1. The only thing to say is Good Times!

  2. We need to get a place FAST for all of us so that our kids will have memories like Marks and can take their kids there!

  3. That sounds like just good clean fun!

  4. What a great get-away. How cool it is that you guys have a place like that to build memories around.

  5. You are so blessed to have such a heritage! This post gives insight to Mark's earnest, down-to-earth character.