Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dirty Dishes Devotional

It's 9:30 on Sunday night and I come downstairs to this.

I'm grateful for this pile of dirty dishes because it reminds me of:

~ a day of plentiful, nutritious food, including spaghetti sauce made from the last of our garden tomatoes.
~ a Sabbath focused on spiritual enrichment, relaxation, and family time more than chores.
~ a batch of cookies made by Roscoe and shared with all the children.
~ my husband, who usually does the dinner dishes...
~ ...but who is still at church at this late hour, leaving the nonessentials behind to serve some family in need.
~ my dad, who installed that sleek new kitchen faucet for us.
~ a quiet opportunity for me to meditate on the Sabbath and listen to a General Conference talk on the computer.

I hope your Sabbath gave you a respite from the daily grind and provided some quiet moments to ponder on the plenty you enjoy!


  1. I always get great joy out of not doing the dishes on Sundays too - for many of the same reasons you just stated.

    Love the new faucet!

  2. I love your blog! I've implemented many of your organizational ideas and I am inspiried by many of the lessons you have learned and then pass on to us. Thanks for keeping it so "real" and helping me!

  3. Freaky. We have the same sink AND faucet as you! (And a similar pile of dishes.)

  4. Anonymous-- Thanks for your kind comments. I hope you'll stop by and leave me a comment again! I'd love to hear about what systems you're using.

    Brenda-- Great minds think alike...or know how to identify the best quality vs price point at Home Depot. :)