Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Of the hundreds of items that flow in and out of this house, these are some of my favorites. The ones that make me say, "Oh bless you, modern industrial complex!"

Merona Cardigans

The ultimate wardrobe expander. These lovely little cardies are from Merona at Target. They're a multi-tasking mid-weight--perfect with jeans, skirts, dresses, capris, whatever. Now you can wear your cute summer tops all winter long. Plus they cost only as much as a box of diapers. (Priorities, ladies!)


ClearPlay DVD Players

I don't know how families with tweens and teens function without these. The DVD player downloads "filters," which silence bad words and skip violent/sexy moments. Now your family can watch more movies without squirm-inducing moments. Plus the little kids don't end up parroting inappropriate lines that they don't understand.

Olay Cream Cleanser with Blemish Control

This cream cleanser is perfect. Salicylic acid, which keeps skin clear and is also good for aging skin, in a lovely cream with little, buffing microbeads. Makes your skin feel smooth and divine.


Windex Outdoor All-in-One

I kid you not, these are as magic as Magic Erasers. Hose down the window, swish the pad around a bit, hose again--and voila, crystal clear windows. No scrubbing, no ladders, no rags, no smudges, no hard water spots. We did our whole house--with one pad--in less than an hour on Saturday.



A tall, icy glass is my favorite indulgence/reward/therapy. Zero calories, lots of taste. Totally banishes chocolate cravings.

What are your favorite things--practical, indulgent, time-saving or otherwise?


  1. I love my spray bottle of water. It quickly rids shirts of wrinkles, makes Naomi's fly-aways disappear, and more. It just seems like a great multi-purpose tool.

    I gave up on your Olay thingy and switched to Tea Tree Oil. It seems to be working in that it's clearing my skin up, but it's also drying the heck out of it. ...Just can't find the balance.

  2. I just discovered that I should love Hydrogen Peroxide more. I'm excited to try it on my son's odd rash and in my laundry.

  3. I am all about Aqua Globes -- those blown glass balls that you fill w/ water and stick in your plants, and they gradually release water for a couple of weeks. At first I thought they were just some useless thing you see on late-night TV, but they really work. Take it from someone who's killed whole greenhouses full of plants due to neglect!
    PS: I'm asking Santa for the filtering DVD player for Christmas.

  4. Angela, tell your sister she needs to try a gel cleanser like L'Oreal, or my favorite is MyChelle cranberry cleanser (order at My skin has been clear for a few years because of it, and gel cleansers don't dry your skin. I also love Levi's Signature Curvy jeans. Walmart sells them. Thanks for sharing your favorites Angela, I think I will try at least one of them!

  5. We are not super advanced around here, but I love Costco's grilled chicken strips in the frozen section. It helps you turn a Caesar salad or buttered pasta into more of a "dinner." I also use it in my creamy chicken noodle soup recipe.

    I'm excited to try the things on your list!!! Thanks for sharing.