Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Roundup, Too Much Edition

~ 1 ~

This week has been too much for me. Not sure which straws broke the camel's back. I keep thinking of an interview I heard with a female NASCAR driver who said that she always tries to drive just on this edge of losing control and crashing--because that's where the speed is. I think I generally organize my life to be just this side of too much--because that's where growth and happines are. Also the potential for wipe out.

~ 2 ~

In 90 minutes, my elementary school kids will be off track, meaning they'll be home for the next three weeks. For the first two weeks, they'll annoy each other and me. In the last week, they'll hit their stride and remember how to make their own fun together. Then we'll have the trauma of getting back on our school schedule.

~ 3 ~

It's been two months since Malory went home, and we haven't heard a word about a new foster daughter. Where is our baby?

(Don't think too hard about the senseless disconnect betweens items 3 and 1.)

~ 4 ~

Because the kids are going off track, they had their school Halloween parties today. Out with the big buckets of costumes. Logan is Death. Levi is Harry Potter. Haley is a fairy princess. Jesse will not be the devil again, because it's just not funny anymore.

I think sweat suits are the key to successful Halloween costumes. They're practically one size fits all, they keep the kids warm under impractical costumes, and they're an easy base. Add horns to a red one and you're the devil. Add a tuu-tuu to a pink one and you're a princess.

~ 5 ~

Last night Roscoe and I went to a lovely dinner party hosted by my talented cousin Bethany in honor of her sister Annie, visiting from New York. Bethany does it all up right, and it was fun for me to introduce Roscoe to the world of adult dinner parties. I coached him in advance on how to say to the person next to him, "And how do you know Annie and Bethany?" and how to keep a conversation going by asking follow-up questions.

~ 6 ~

You can teach your kids to memorize their phone number by having them sing it to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

~ 7 ~

Speaking of DCFS, I just realized that our foster care license expires next week and we have done 0 of the 12 training hours we need to relicense. *sigh* I'm gonna have to beg for an extension and take a bunch o classes pronto.


  1. I regards to no. 1, how do you know when you've had a wipe out?

  2. I love the senseless disconnect between 3 and 1. That's ... I was gonna say "you" and then I was gonna say "motherhood". Really, I think it's pretty human.

    I agree that sweat suits are the key to halloween costumes. I need to take a lesson from you about making the kids choose something you've already got. The problem is Naomi will always get something new - Asher will too, and poor Isaiah will always get somebody else's seconds. It's unjust.

    I'm gonna try the Twinkle Little Star phone number trick.

    Random side note - When Ruth was living with us she would often put the kids to bed. She would sing to them in Opera style and they always loved it. Now that she's gone Asher still requests Twinkle Little Star "like Aunt Roof". I should totally be a famous Opera star. I am GOOD!

  3. Steve, signs of wipeout include walking around with gritted teeth and forgetting to pay a bill.

    Nanc, I try to work it so only 1 or 2 kids get a new costume each year. This year, Logan's is new, but we just bought it off the rack. Whew! Levi is going to be a Hobbit, which will involve trips to thrift stores for supplies. So I told him he had to just use existing costume for today. Often I think the kids are happy to use an existing costume--because they've seen big sib wear it and they're happy that now they're big enough.

  4. I've been a lurker (and a lurking blogroller) for you for a long time, but then you commented on my blog, so then I thought that you probably already know I read your blog, or maybe you were just poking around Mormon Mommy Blogs, or something. Anyway, I started reading your blog because someday I want to do foster care, and potentially also adopt (we don't have enough bedroom space to do it right now), and I really like all of your ideas about running a house and family and stuff. But I never left any comments, because I'm lame like that, and somehow think I need some sort of introduction. But with your commenting on my blog, I guess I feel introduced, or something.

    Sweat suits do sound like a good idea for costume bases - plus they could become many different things. And they are warm, which is one of the most important (in my opinion) qualifications for a Halloween costume.

  5. Can I get some help with number 5? I'm really horrible at that stuff. Maybe I should ask Roscoe?

  6. Time for a Fresca? Wish I were there to drink it with you!