Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Morning, Kids! playlist

Are you getting tired of hearing about my systems and schemes? Well, I'm afraid that's what I'm doing these days. (At least I've spared you details on the new system wherein kids use lingerie bags for their socks and undies thus sparing me the endless sorting.)

This year Roscoe has early morning seminary, so we all get up early for family scripture study and then have a full 90 minutes before anyone else has to leave for school. I decided we needed to use that time to good effect, so I devised a scheme that divides the time into three 30-minute periods:

1. Quiet time. You can go back to bed for a while, lounge on the couch, read, eat breakfast, whatever. Just don't speak to Mom. This is heavenly. I love having some quiet time to enter the day slowly.

2. Music time. I made a 33-minute playlist, which you can see some of on the sidebar. When the music starts, everyone kicks it into gear. The rule is that you've got to be 100% ready for school by the time the music stops. I play it in the same order every time so the kids can gauge their progress. This has drastically cut down on the nagging around here. Plus everyone is kind of bopping around happily and singing along instead of grousing at each other.

(The blogger playlist app didn't include Little Richard's rendition of "Rubber Duckie," which is a hit of the morning. "Who Let the Dogs Out" would make me want to stick a needle in my eye except for the fact that it makes the kids so dang happy. I did do myself a solid by omitting Cake's "Mahna Mahna," which the kids would have loved, but still...I have limits.)

3. Homework/reading time. We don't do homework after school anymore! I sit at the table and sign planners and notes. Or I sit on the couch and supervise someone's reading.


  1. Mark Ashurst-McGeeOctober 7, 2009 at 6:26 PM

    How about that woman Angela? That's my woman!

  2. She is completely amazing! Since we have a child in that same seminary class, we have jsut about hte same time gap between morning scriptures and when the younger boys leave. I've never thought to do something productive with that time...mornings are not my best time to be thinking. So thanks! I will get right on making our plan and our music list. What a fun idea!

  3. The "not speaking to Mom" part does sound divine. I'm so glad you found something that works for you all. And for the record, I will never grow tired of hearing about your systems.

  4. Questions: What time do you all get up, why does Roscoe have early morning seminary, and how does Jesse do with no talking to mom thing?

    Can't wait to see this in action.

  5. Steve-- Scripture study is 6:30-6:50, then Mark and Roscoe rush right out the door.
    Roscoe's in early-morning seminary mostly because we heard it could be hard to get in to and so we thought we'd leave some wiggle room in his school schedule. Really, it just means he has an extra elective hour during the day.
    Jesse is usually still asleep during the no-talking-to-Mom zone.

  6. GENIUS! I want to be just like you, Angela!

  7. OK, I am so taking baby steps... I'm still patting myself on the back for implementing a variation of Angela's clipboard system, which inclues this item for both boys each schoolday: "downstairs, dressed, with shoes and socks on, by 8 a.m." The clock on the microwave has been declared the official arbiter for time stamps. The shoes-on requirement is key, since we have a history of major wardrobe malfunctions involving footwear.

  8. I can't get enough of posts like this. When will your insights be available in book form?