Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smart Family

Remember Elizabeth Smart? Now she's twenty-one and about to leave on an LDS mission. By all accounts, she is a graceful, talented, accomplished, and strong young woman. Last week she testified in court and revealed more about the horror of her nine-month abduction.

I can't stop thinking about her ability to rebound after that devastating experience. What depth of faith she must have as she approaches her mission. And her family. Their unceasing efforts kept her in the public eye so that a policeman on the street could recognize her and bring her home. They were strong enough to remain unified during those terrible nine months, and then strong enough to help Elizabeth rejoin the family afterwards.

In those circumstances, many families would crumble and fail. What can I do to build a family strong enough to weather any storm?


  1. Love, love, love - of the Christlike variety. ... And I think you're already pretty good at it. But I was just reading an old G.C. report from 2007 yesterday and saw a great little tidbit about how the Spirit works such that if you ever stop trying to get more of it, you're loosing it. I think love works the same way. Sojust keep on trying to love better and you'll be fine!

  2. I, too, have been amazed by her story. It's an illustration of the true power of the atonement to help us heal, to forgive, and to live with faith despite horrors.

  3. I have wondered the same things... how can a marriage withstand such torture? The news in the northwest has been on Brooke Wilburger's family, as they finally got their daughter's remains. They showed such grace and gratitude through all the searching and during the long wait for justice.