Monday, November 16, 2009

Blackbird with no teeth

Today the kids went back to school after three weeks off track. As per usual, they drove me crazy for a while, then we all decided we'd be happy to just stay home forever. Except for the acute lack of "getting things done" going on over here. Lots of relationship management, conflict negotiation, cooperation training, etc. But my to-do list is on critical backlog.

So today when I sent three kids riding off to school like leaves in the cold, fall breeze, I turned to launch into a day of peace and productivity. Also, Jesse asked for lots of extra Mom time, which I think he suffers for when everyone else is home.

My turning over of new leaves was not unlike Haley's transformation last week:
She is missing four teeth right across the front of her mouth. The dentist pulled them out. Actually they've been missing for years. When she came to us almost four years ago, she had four ugly, fake teeth in her little baby mouth. I have always hated them. They're cheapo, with just a dab of white on the front. And they represent things I don't like to think about. Like how this girl could possibly have rotted out four of her teeth while still a baby.

The dentist always said they'd fall out like regular baby teeth, but then they started getting yucky and abscessed and so finally out they came. Pretty real teeth will grow in.

And yet another of the burdens of Haley's past is sloughed away.

She can hardly talk with no teeth to hold her tongue in her mouth. It's pretty adorable. Last night when we were all engaged in an hours-long game of FBI Agent, Haley was "Agent Toothless."

Jesse was Agent Naked. Levi was Deputy Director of Intelligence Operations, Central District. Logan was--guess?--Director of Intelligence Operations, Central Distract. And I was the Executive Director.

I was almost convicted of treason when the kids fingerprinted me and then found my prints on the enemies' computer mouse. I saved my skin by demonstrating that the usb stick implanted in the bottom of the mouse was really my secret recording device.


  1. Haley looks too cute. Can't wait to see those lovely healthy white teeth grow in. How come we never got to play FBI agent?? Sounds fun :)

  2. Haley looks great! When you described it I was pretty worried, but it doesn't look so bad. We had a friends over today who didn't look too much different from that.

    Sounds like an awesome game! We've been playing "Super Secret Spy" around here lately - brought on by the Backyardigans. It's my favorite game EVER because it involves Naomi and Asher hiding from me in silence or else them doing some errand for me (fetching my slippers, taking out the recycling, etc) without being heard or seen by something like the light switches.... But your game sounds like a real mind-bender!