Sunday, November 8, 2009

If this were Mark's blog...

In response to an email from his mom asking everyone to "count their many blessings," Mark wrote this:

Jesus Christ and the Atonement,
repentance and forgiveness,
the gospel and the church,
the wife and kids,
mom and dad,
brothers and sisters,
family and friends,
my employment and my work,
a little piece of land,
our warm and dry home,
food and clothing,
cars and bikes,
mountains and hills,
great rivers and small streams,
American and Mormon history,
Joseph Smith's papers and the Joseph Smith Papers Project,
dinner and a movie,
Rock and roll,
Mountain Dew and Cocoa Puffs


  1. Love the addition of Mountain Dew and Cocoa Puffs. What a guy!

  2. As long as the Mountain Dew isn't on the Cocoa puffs, perfect.

  3. Who doesn't count rock and roll as one of their many blessings?

  4. okay,
    Orange juice and Mountain Dew
    2% milk and Cocoa Puffs