Sunday, November 29, 2009


I think this is the third time we've forayed down to Moab the day after Thanksgiving for some fresh air, red rock, and exercise as a counterpoint to the gluttony of Turkey Day.
We hiked Delicate Arch on Friday afternoon...

...camped on Friday night...

(notice anything unusual about Roscoe?)

...and spent Saturday pretending our van was a four-wheeler...

...which got us to some pretty amazing vistas.

Can you find Mark in this picture?


  1. You cloned Roscoe!?! Is that so that I can finally have a Roscoe of my very own as my Christmas present this year?

  2. Who wouldn't want a Roscoe of their very own?! However, Nancy, I'm sorry to tell you that the coning was done by Mark-your-brother, therefore the spoils go to us! You'll have to clone your own!