Monday, November 2, 2009


After slogging through a head cold all last week, I woke up this morning without a voice. The best I can do is a milky-water whisper that has almost no volume. People on the phone can't understand me at all. The kids keep looking at me quizzically and saying, "What?!"

I've always known I talk too much and too loud to my kids. I'm always hollering things like, "Get your shoes on! Get in the car! Everyone in the CAR! Hey, why aren't you in the car yet? Where are your SHOES?"

So today, by force, I walk downstairs and softly intone, "Everyone get in the car, please." And that's it. I don't say anything else, because I can't.

And guess what? After a few minutes--those minutes when normally I'd be hollering--they're all in the car.


  1. So my blood pressure doesn't need to be as high as it is? Aw man!

  2. I used to lose my voice once a year, about a week after we put up a christmas tree (before I realized I was allergic). It would be completely gone for a full week, and a couple of days into it my kids would start whispering too, and I'd have to strain to whisper back "you don't have to whisper." It was kind of peaceful for everyone, including me, not to hear my voice for awhile.