Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slices of Fall

Jesse in retro Davy Crockett hat + black superhero cape + footie pajamas.

Another superhero getup. He's twisted into the straps of some fabric water bottle carriers. And his underpants are on backwards.

Haley in leaves.

Levi in leaves.

The squirrels eating the last of their Halloween candy.

Logan in flight.

Roscoe and an inventive piano practice strategy. This is actually probably an awesome exercise in spatial relations and right brain-left brain synergy. He's got his left hand playing the right hand's part; and his pinkie is playing what the thumb should play.


  1. LOVE the in-flight pic. Nicely executed!

    And this is a nice little slice of fall for sure. Can't wait to see these guys during the holidays.

  2. I thought for sure that after the in-flight pic was going to be "And here's a pic of Logan on his way to the emergency room with a broken leg".

    Classic slices.